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Korea Animal Rights Advocates is a registered non-profit organization. We believe that animals have a right to live their lives free from tyranny and suffering.


Animal Testing

We have compiled a Cruelty Free Cosmetics List for Korea, based on a survey we sent to Korean and overseas companies.


KARA conducted an anti-animal testing campaign nationally. More pics here.

Read the article at Human Society International about Korean recognition of non-animal testing results here.

Latest Happenings


After the tragic fire at Yongin Shelter, KARA raised around $17,000 to go towards its reconstruction. Rebuilding is now underway.

More here.


KARA is assisting with the construction of a new dog shelter in Suwon after 70 dogs were evicted from where they were staying.

More here.


Shelter Work

KARA's medical team continues visiting shelters, performing operations and treating dogs.

See the team in action here.

Every month, rain or shine, KARA volunteers head out to do volunteer work at various shelters.

Read about our volunteers' work here.

Nearly 60 Billion Per Year

The numbers of animals killed in the world by the meat, dairy and egg industries since you opened this page.
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Former Pets Become Dog Meat: this video features parts of a program that was broadcast on Korea TV about the ex-pet dog meat trade. Viewers were shocked to learn what happened to abandoned pets. But it's long been an open secret.


KARA's Director


KARA's Director is also a director of movies!

Soonrye Yim has directed 8 movies of different kinds and also written movie scripts. Read more here.

Dog and Cat Campaign Sites

Click on the logos to go to campaign sites with lots of useful info on the dog meat industry.