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migrants_kill_dog_dec10Two foreign migrant workers seen in the photo on the left were seen dragging a dog behind their motorcycle on January 13, 2011. When a 19 year-old female motorist stopped them and told them to release the dog, they just shrugged and said: "So what?  We bought this dog and we are going to kill him and eat him."

The dog had a smashed up lower face and a broken back leg.

The motorist couldn't get anywhere with them, so he called the police. The migrant worker meanwhile put the dog in a sack and the other one tied the rope onto a pole, hanging the dog.

The dog was trying his best to get a grip on something with his legs, but in the end was killed. The motorist took the photo with his cell phone.

The migrant workers taunted the motorist, saying something like this (in translation): "What’s wrong with what we are doing. You Koreans kill and eat dogs, too. We are going to kill and eat him just the same.”

Then they rode off. The cops came too late to apprehend them. But they are looking for them to arrest them on animal abuse charges, according to the Korean Animal Welfare Law.

A couple of things are a mystery here: why didn't the motorist try to physically stop these scumbags? Why didn't the motorist photograph the licence plate of the motorcycle (maybe he did and the police have it)? Why did the migrant workers decide to hang the dog then and there, where they afraid it would be taken from them alive?

Submitted by a KARA member; source: http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/life/904840.htm

Update, January 24, 2011

With photographic evidence the motorist gave to them, the police searched around factories that hire migrant workers. They found the two Vietnamese men and charged them with animal cruelty.

When questioned, the men said that one of their co-workers was going back to Vietnam and that 10 co-workers wanted to give him a going away party. So, ten of them paid 10,000 won each to buy a dog to kill and eat for the party.

Their reasoning was that if Koreans torture and kill dogs to eat, then they can as well.

It's unknown what kind of fine they will get or what will happen to them.

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