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The dog meat industry in Korea is such a critical and central issue with regard to Korean animal welfare that we devote an entire section to it here.

Under Current Situation you will find what the status of the dog meat issue is in Korea from 2005 onwards. This is because little has changed since that significant year. That was the year the Korean government began maneuvering to legalize the dog meat industry.

Under History, we discuss the claims of dog eating as an integral part of Korean culture, as is often claimed by dog industry supporters. We also dismiss the erroneous idea that tradition justifies the horrendous conditions and the cruelties that dogs are subjected to in Korea.

Under the Yellow Dog headings you can view the Yellow Dog website, which has pictures and video from research conducted by a group and KARA member known as "Yellow Dog." The English version of the Yellow Dog research is available under the Field Research heading.

The News Items section contains a selection of news articles relating to the dog meat issue, both local and international.




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