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They euphemistically call it "depopulating," but let's cut through such attempts at mind-numbing semantics and get to the truth. Depopulating 100s of thousands of factory farm animals is all about mass executions. And it happens in Korea on a regular basis, especially in the name of Avian Flu.

To find out more about Avian Flu and culling, see this report.

Culling is done quickly yet it is not done cleanly. Factory farm animals have been enduring wretched lives, cooped up in dark sheds, where any chance to fulfil or express their natural instincts are denied. From this terrible environment they are snatch up and thrown in holes without ever knowing freedom or joy.

Most people do not realize that when culls occur in Korea, animals are buried alive. Here is how it is done.

The Massacre of Chickens:


A massive battery hen farm in Korea.


Workers preparing for the kill.


They look like spacemen from a B grade Sci-Fi movie. Perhaps costumes are white to impress on media that the operation is sanitary and scientifically conducted.


These poor long suffering birds now get stuffed into bags.


A tiny cage is where they have lived in the dark all their lives.


Once a bag is full, it is thrown out the door onto a pile. You will notice that invariably some chickens break through the bags gasping for air. They are ignored.


Once the shed is cleared, the bags are thrown onto a front-end loader so they can be dumped into the back of a truck.


Massive holes are dug nearby and lined with huge sheets of plastic. The bags with the chickens in them, dead or alive, are then dumped into the holes.


Once the hole is full, everything is covered with lime and chemicals to disinfect and deter other animals from digging anything up.


Finally, it's time to cover everything over with soil and forget about it. Any birds still alive with eventually suffocate.

By simply burying animals alive no one has to see the suffering. How convenient.

Culling is becoming such a regular phenomenon in this age of massive scale industrial factory farming that studies are done on maximizing cull efficiency. It has already been proposed that firefighting foam be used to kill chickens, as it uses less man-power and is supposedly more humane--but this has been disputed.

For some reason in Korea, the old style of just burying animals alive appears to be the preferred method.

(Pictures from 거꾸로 보는세상 ).


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