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We though we'd post any logos and advertisements KARA members spotted in Korea that presented a grossely false and fairytale image of the business of killing and eating animals. The ads invariably depict what is known as suicide food, or animals that just love being killed so you can eat them. Such ads work on the subconscious, presenting a cheery face that denies the horrors of the meat industry. These ads are lying to you.

Feel free to send in any images you find.


Hey, we've teamed up to cook a fellow pigs and cattle just for you. Look, we've got all the classic poses, the thumb in the air, a ridiculous chef's hat, the welcoming open hands that say, We're here to serve, we're here to be eaten! Our typical baby faces are so cute, the kids will love us, too. Come on in and contribute to the joys of factory farming. We're happy, if you're happy!


Welcome! Don't be alarmed--I'm not some kind of human mutant. I'm just a bull dressed in human clothes, and I'll be your maître d' for the evening. Tonight we got tasty beef on the menu. That's right, just like me. I love serving up the carcasses of my fellow cattle. It's so enjoyable I have to clench my fist with emotion. Like the tail? That shows how much I love people who fill themselves with bull.

And here's another variation on the same theme.


This one has an outfit resembling traditional Korean dress and is giving us that ubiquitous big thumb. It's a giant thumbs up! This place must be good. As well as the cartoon lie, we can also see the lie of free cattle out in natural pastures.


Come on in, the water's fine. That is, if you like being boiled alive! Here's a chef squid, licking his lips at the prospect of torturing its own kind to death, or is it cooking itself to death? Is this a suicide squid? This logo would appear to be saying so. Typically, this squid likes to wear the Mickey Mouse style gloves seen everywhere in the cartoon world of dying animals.

Old Style Pig

It's Kim Sut Gut in the flesh! The name written at the bottom comes from a character in old Korean tales who would travel from village to village having adventures. Cultural traditions of the name and old Josun era costume are merged here in the image of a happy pig. The message is that you are partaking in good wholesome tradition when you sit down for a meal at a pork restaurant. What happy adventures pigs have!


It's a big thumbs up for dead cattle! This wide-eyed happy cow with its Disney style white gloves. One hand gives you the thumbs up to assure you of quality and that you've chosen the right place. The other hand beckons you inside. Come on in, we're so happy we died for you. Stuff yourselves with us!


Mmmmm.... there's nothing so tasty as cannibalism! Here we have a cartoon pig, again with those big round cartoon eyes of innocence, licking his lips at the prospect of chowing down on some nice juicy pork. He probably raised and slaughtered it himself, judging by those farming overalls.

That's the great thing about pigs. They are incredibly cooperative in sacrificing themselves to become food. All pigs knows how tasty they are, and they want to share that goodness around!


Howdy pardner. It's a rootin' tootin' chicken cowboy! Yes, sir, this is no ordinary chicken--it's a rugged manly chicken, with the muscles to prove it, because fried chicken and beer are for manly men, and that's who drink and eat at this place. Although the beer here looks a bit like a soggy pom-pom.

These chicken "hofs" are everywhere in Korea. Just no frills fried chicken and beer. Many of them exhibit paraphernalia associated with the US, like the cowboy hat, as further cultural validation.

As if all of this were not enough enticement, there's the big thumbs up again! It's amazing how many animal species know sign language.