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Saturday, 20 March 2010 17:07


The scene as a fire crew cleans up early morning.

A horrific fire at the Buchon Miracle Shelter has claimed the lives of up to 130 animals.

Most animals that perished were dogs, though apparently some were cats, and many were trapped in cages as the fire spread.


Total destruction (a dog's remains are still in the cage bottom left).

A door to a section of the shelter housing the animals was apparently locked from the outside. Last reports are the the manager of the shelter cannot be found.


This was after some clearing had been done. Dogs were found burned beyond recognition in what must have been a night of agony and terror for them. In some places, animals were found clumped together in a black mass.


We have decided not to show the worst pictures out of respect to local volunteers who were devoted to helping the shelter.


Tragic and heart breaking.


KARA has asked the fire department to investigate. Perhaps the heaters above were somehow involved in the disaster.


Perhaps this radiator heater was the culprit.


Some of the survivors now run around the hill unattended.

A memorial service for the victims was held on the night of Friday, March 19, 2010, at the Angel Stone Crematorium (


haetnim81   |2010-03-25 05:33:52
oh my gash~ this is terrible..who would ever do this to innocent dogs? What happen to the owner? Did any one find out who did this? was there any one around the neighborhood? It's so shocking and so so sad~! .. Those dogs must have been alot of pain and scared! I just don't understand why people would ever do this and there must be crazy people out there.
I'm really hoping we can catch this person and put them in a jail.
They have to pay their consequence.
(it's so they died)
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