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Monthly Newsletter
No. 6 - June, 2009

Hi everyone,
This month has been fairly quiet but still KARA members have been reporting abuses and others have been involved in rescues . . .

Otters Cruelly Trapped

Trapped Otter

Sadly, some unscrupulous Koreans are illegally trapping Korean otters for their fur and to make traditional medicines. SBS News has captured footage of trapped otters and the cruel trapping method.

See the video and read more about this disgraceful trapping of otters here.

New "Rescues" Section

Dog Rescue

KARA members have long been rescuing animals, so it was decided to start documenting some of these actions. Two have been documented so far but the number will grow.

A new Rescues menu item now links to rescue articles under our Events & Actions section here.

Korea Moves to Stop Illegal Whaling


Once in a while the Korean government does something right for animals. Recently, it has decided to clamp down on illegal whaling. In Korea, illegal whaling often takes the form of a scam where fishermen "accidentally" catch whales in their nets. It's a big money earner for them.

Read the news story here.

For more in-depth background on this long standing issue, see here.

Students Have Fun At Puppy School

Puppy SchoolHere's something we didn't report on last month, Seoul's puppy school! Some people might see this as another example of middle class excess. But it actually makes sense if you have a busy lifestyle and want your companion to have a happy and healthy life.

There's no harm in it and it creates jobs. Business is still booming apparently, even in these difficult times.

And what goes on at puppy school? Find out here.

This Issue's Net Highlights

  • Organized by the folks at In Defense of Animals, the International Day of Action for Dogs and Cats in Korea is on July 14. See more info about it here!

  • The Onion is always good source for a satirical take on contemporary society. One recent item reports on KFC just the way we like it, here.

  • The Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) recently highlighted two cruelty cases that give an idea of what goes on in Korea and the poor outcome that often results. Read about them here.

  • We know that when humans went against nature and started feeding cattle a rendered down form of other cattle or sheep, it resulted in Mad Cow disease. Now they're feeding rendered cattle to farmed fish. Is it safe? They don't know yet, but that doesn't stop them from selling the fish!

  • We've highlighted the documentary Food, Inc. before, but finally Time has published its review and we thought you might like to read it here.

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