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The owner of the Namyang Ju Shelter, east of Seoul. She has been using her own money to keep the shelter going and purchase medicines.

In June, 2010, the shelter was stuck by a flu outbreak and many of the dogs became sick. Because of the hardship placed on the owner, KARA put out a call for volunteer help from donors to buy medicines and from vets to help with innoculations.


A KARA member went to the shelter one night to photograph the dogs. Most of the dogs were either taking a rest after a busy day or were sick from the flu.


One vet paid a visit to the shelter but said he would not vacinate the dogs. His opinion was that the influenza could spread. The owner decided she would do it herself rather than just do nothing.

A little dachshund makes an excellent pillow!


Any old place will do for a good lie down, even a hallway. No one had any energy for running around.


The KARA photographer report that he heard a lot of coughing from a number of dogs while at the shelter. The owner said she would be devestated if she lost a single dog to the flu. Lets hope they all get better soon!